About Us

Who I Am

My  name is Bob Freund, I am the owner of Good Neighbor Services. As a  former toolmaker and machine shop supervisor from central New York, I  have an eye for detail and a desire to see things done in the most  accurate and efficient manner. I also enjoy working with people and  helping them care for their property. I have developed a way to ensure  absentee home owners that their property is being cared for by using the  latest mobile technology. My clients have proof of our service, but  they also know me personally. They can contact me anytime and I will do  my best to take care of them. I value the trust they place in me and  Good Neighbor. That trust is my most valuable asset and will work hard  to keep it.

Our home inventory service gives me a great  opportunity to help people prepare for the unforeseen events of life;  something the Insurance Information Institute says all home owners  should have. They get a complete list of all the personal assets in  their home with photos and any added information they wish to add. This  inventory can be used for either insurance or estate planning purposes.

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