About Us

What makes us different?

Most  vacation home owners don't understand that their insurance policy will  not cover damages to their homes if the property is not being checked on  a regular basis. Without reporting damage within as little as 10 days from a problem originating, your policy may not cover the damage caused. A leaking pipe or AC unit can cause thousands of dollars in damage. Don't take a chance with unreliable, unverifiable services.

Using the latest in Mobile Communication Technology Good Neighbor Home Watch Service is able to provide peace of mind to our clients by providing dependable, verifiable reports  on the condition of their property in real time while we are on the  premises. A mobile application that we developed allows us to send a time stamped PDF file via email that can only be filled out by a technician using information only located  inside the clients home.  This is the most accurate way of providing  proof of our weekly visits. Checklists ensure that nothing is overlooked  and we always care for our clients homes as if they were our own.

Our service goes above and beyond as we watch over your property. We use precision measuring interments  to accurately check both temperature and humidity so we make sure  conditions are not conducive to growing mold. We are trained in what to  look for to prevent problems from occurring as well as take care of the  unexpected.

Kind, Caring Service is what we are all about.

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